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20 Ways to Add Curb Appeal

If your home's curb appeal makes a great first impression, everyone -- including potential homebuyers -- will want to see what's inside. Check out these simple, low-cost curb appeal improvements that you can do in a day, a week, or a month.
  • Sheryl Scott

    20 Ways to Add Curb Appeal- Potted plants go a long way!

  • Cathie

    Curb Appeal In a Day: Create an instant garden Container gardens add a welcoming feel and colorful appeal to any home exterior -- quickly and affordably. You can buy ready-made containers from garden centers or create your own with your favorite plants. For most landscapes, a staggered, asymmetrical arrangement works best to create a dynamic setting.

  • Heather Cavanah

    Love the pretty screen door and container garden

  • Heather Fellman-Roberts

    Container gardens.. for the front step.

  • Lindsay Sommerauer

    20 Ways to Add Curb Appeal :) Great for the new place on our front porch

  • Betty Wood

    Wonderful container garden for the entry way. 20 ways to add curb appeal, BH&G.

  • Monica Christopherson

    rustic front door with container gardening, flower pots, curb appeal

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Help your home make a great first impression!

In a Weekend Create a new planting bed Add contrast and color to your home exterior with a new planting bed. Prime spots are at the front corners of the yard, along driveways or walkways, and immediately in front of the house. When creating a new bed, choose features that will frame your home rather than obscure it. Opt for stone or precast-concrete blocks to edge the bed. Include a mix of plant size, color, and texture for optimal results

Picture Perfect Glass doors allow access from the home's interior to the decks on all sides of the house, providing multiple opportunities for outdoor living and breathtaking views from inside the house.

Amp up curb appeal with blossoming window boxes! More quick and easy exterior fixes:

~Great Container Gardens...A Dwarf sunflower B Snapdragon Yellow Chimes C Celosia Fresh Look Yellow D Marigold Janie Bright Yellow E Lysimachia Outback Sunset F sweet potatoe vine Variegate~

Create a colorful container garden this year! Via Better Homes and Gardens

Do this in front yard. Potager - Kitchen garden at Bolen residence. LOVE the use of the large pots to control the amount of water or nutrients herbs need as opposed to the vegetables! "This raised-bed kitchen garden was absolutely stunning and made great use of a narrow space that was formerly used as a dog enclosure. The space was designed by John Fluitt, an Oklahoma landscape designer."

BROUGHTON CASTLE GARDENS | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Recipes for Beautiful Container Gardens....... Add a Festive Feel This perfect little combination is ideal for gracing the deck or patio for an Independence Day celebration. A. Geranium (Pelargonium 'Red Elite') -- 1 B. Evolvulus glomeratus 'Blue Daze' -- 5