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Pardon some of the language but this is a very in depth analysis of Peter Pan. Being a lit nerd, It's fascinating! A Little Long But An Interesting Read. I never knew ANY of this!

"Peter Pan" by Mike Mahle. Mike's style is definitely worth checking out. Repeatedly.

My cover for Rock Paper Books edition of The Invisible Man. This along with other classic books will be available through their Kickstarter campaign whi. The Invisible Man

15 Disney Live-Action Remakes Coming In The Next Few Years

I actually would leave my window unlocked and open just in case Peter Pan decided to show up when I was little.

Peter Pan quote

Disney quote from peter pan. The world is made of faith and trust and pixie dust

Neverland Poster by danidraws

“Neverland Poster” by Dani Jones. Never grow up! Visit Neverland and hang out with mermaids.