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    The best strategy ever, hands down.

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    This is Your Life Manifesto.

    LIfe is better when you're laughing. This is the most truthful thing I've read all day. Seriously. Laughing makes everything better. Why do you think I do it SO much? LOL

    some people are always busy noticing the negative that they don't really notice all the positive things. oh, well that's them.


    Most people are born creative. As children, we revel in imaginary play, ask outlandish questions, draw blobs and call them dinosaurs. But over time, because of socialization and formal education, a lot of us start to stifle those impulses. We learn to be warier of judgement, more cautious, more analytical. The world seems to divide into CREATIVES and NON-CREATIVES and too many people consciously or unconsciously resign themselves to the latter category. lees meer:

    That's scary.

    Don't fear failure.

    Work hard, stay humble

    Isn't that the truth!


    beware of artists... so true


    Pick Your Life Print / Arquebus

    Its the little things

    In many ways I think this is good to keep in mind: you have to rise above the flotsam and jetsam of opinion. ON the other hand, there are often kernels of truth and wisdom and an opinion shouldn't be discounted just because someone can't find the most eloquent words to express it. We should at least try to understand before we choose not to lose sleep. ~ Shahir Zag