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Born Today, June 10, in 1895(?) Hattie McDaniel... A Pioneer in Radio, Film, TV and Community Service... Over 90 film and television roles including China Seas, Show Boat, Shopworn Angel, Great Lie - & of course Gone with the Wind!

Claudette Colbert, 1927 vintage found photo movie star late 20s to early 30s vintage fashion style suit jacket skirt shoes blouse shirt bobbed hair model

A Tribute to Marie Colvin

marie colvin • would not "hang up my flak jacket" even after the eye injury. "was i stupid? stupid i would feel writing a column about the dinner party i went to last night. equally, i'd rather be in that middle ground between a desk job + getting shot, no offense to desk jobs." • john witherow said "she believed profoundly that reporting could curtail excesses of brutal regimes + make the international community take notice. above all, her thoughts were w/ the victims of violence.” • RIP