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If looks could kill...

* * BLACK CAT: - " See dat bully kid over der leanin' likes a smart-ass on hiz bike? Me human brought me heres today to wipe dat dipstik grin off de wretched punk's face. Me clawz be ready to transform hiz face.

black cat auditions, hollywood, 1961 from Life

These wonderful photos were taken in 1961 by Ralph Crane documenting Black Cat Auditions in Hollywood. A shot of Vincent Price suggests that this audition must have been for Tales of Terror by Roger Corman.

"Judgmental thoughts come from an attitude of pride, from minding someone else's business instead of our own. Most of us don't do a very good job of running our own lives, let alone trying to run the lives of others. Judging keeps us separate from others and leaves us with fewer possibilities for joyous connections. Besides...you can't judge people and touch their souls at the same time."

This little kitty likes bubbles. With the weather warming up, you should take your kids to the park to blow bubbles. Try to see who can blow the biggest!

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21 Cats Sitting And Sleeping EXACTLY Where They Shouldn't Be

Attack of the Cute - A black and white image of a kitten swatting at a hummingbird. The Animal Charm ❤

I am a rug. I am not a cat. I am a rug. I may look like a cat, but I am not. I am a rug… wait, you have cat food you bought from your CouponWand coupons? I AM A CAT!

I don't want be on a leash. I'm not a dog! /  Something i just could not see because mine is madly in love with the thought of crossing the threshold is just too dangerous. Open the door. Leave it open they just won't go out.

pissed off kitty face! kitties don't "do" walking on a leash.

Cat love Wicca. Always wanted a black cat, had him for years now.  Best cat ever!

~Black Cat Prayer~ I am the black furred cat. No evil is within I am the same as other cats underneath my skin Please help me to dispel this bad luck myth I bear Not just for me I pray but for Black Cats everywhere.