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  • Deviant Guillotines

    getfit-countryon: Next time you have a fast food craving…think of this! I know I will from now on! #fastfood #thinkbeforeyoueat #gross See McDonald’s isn’t food. You should really avoid eating it at all costs.

  • Centro Revidox

    Comida rápida no significa comida basura…pero cierta comida denominada “basura” muestra un comportamiento extraño ante el paso del tiempo que no dice nada bueno de su calidad ¡Ni los hongos se la comen! Mira este experimento…sobran las palabras. Fast food doesn´t mean junk food… but certain food popularly known as “junk food” shows a strange behavior over time which might raise suspicious about its quality. Not even mushrooms want to eat it! Look at this experiment… it speaks for itself!

  • Misti Rausch

    Eat REAL food!

  • Audrey Ramos

    #Bacteria #wholefood #realfood

  • Tamara Metcalf

    Natural food Vs Processed Junk food

  • Celeste (Dunn) Boyer

    Can you guess which one is nutritionally available?? Which will fuel your fitness goals? #bijacoaching. This should make you never eat fast food again--disgusting!!

  • Diana Doyle

    Fake food lots of preservatives, can't be good for you.

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