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Dear Lupus,You may render parts of me unusable but you will never break my spirit to LIVE.Nothing you do will take my warrior fight out of me.So you can keep trying, but im putting you on notice,  I'm not allowing you to steal my joy.  I'm not allowing you to make me helpless. Im not allowing you to have me!I've got my war paint on, if you're ready lupus keep coming at me, Im ready for battle!In My Warrior Spirit, Me

No cure. Not from anything I did. Life changing. Regular doctor visits. Take medications daily. Can't juice it away. Can't just pray it away. Frustration. Misunderstood. Fearful. Look good but feel bad. Missing who I used to be. Learning to love me through pain. Inspiration. Strength. Courage. Determination. SURVIVOR ALWAYS WARRIOR DAILY! LUPUS #LupusInColor

100% of proceeds donated to The Lupus Foundation of America for the month of May. For more information on Lupus please got to: Butterfly Key chain Lupus Awareness key by bitsybowsandthings, $12.00

Teespringfrom Teespring

Lupus Awareness Shirt

Migraine Awareness Month t shirts, $15 less than 2 days to order, goal is 50 shirts they need 10 more!!!