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  • Patricia Buttner

    Real Life Fairy Tale Houses | The house has a small garden and fish bond in Giethoorn, Netherlands

  • Jennifer Carter-Griebel

    My dream house is in Giethoorn and is called the Venice of the Netherlands for about 7.5 km of canals run through the little village.

  • Camila Carrasco

    Village without streets, Giethoorn is called the Venice of the Netherlands for about 7.5 km of canals run through the little village. It looks like a fairy tale house, doesn't it?

  • NanceInWA

    Cute cottage in Giethoorn Village, Holland

  • Kelley Henderson

    Giethoorn, Holland - the village without streets (or the Venice of the Netherlands).

  • Bill Shattuck

    Giethoorn, Holland ~ a roadless village. This village with 7.5km of canals, is referred to as the Venice of the Netherlands. The only means of getting around is by boat. Photo by...Ludo Wuytack.

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Giethoorn is an internationally well-known tourist attraction in the Netherlands. In the old part of the village, there were no roads (nowadays there is a cycling path), and all transport was done by water over one of the many canals. The lakes in Giethoorn were formed by peat unearthing.

Giethoorn in the Netherlands. A gorgeous village without a single street. That *might* make your kids safer or they could just drown (I know - bad sense of humor - but I have toddlers & that is the first thing that comes to mind - a canal is no safer than a street at that age.)

Giethoorn - Netherlands Cottage along a canal. Hydrangeas in bloom . . .

Giethoorn ~ the “Venice of the Netherlands” "Seen it, been there":-) Had a great holiday in Giethoorn when I was 18 yrs old, going shopping with a small boat was the coolest!

Giethoorn, Holland - village without roads

I would live here.-me too

Twitter, Netherlands Giethoorn Village, Transportation is only by bikes and canoes :) Fairy-tale village. Too beautiful!

THE TOWN WITH NO ROADS Giethoorn in Holland is a beautiful and quiet little village unique in that you will not find a single road in the entire town. Rather, it is connected by waterways and paths and some biking trails. Visitors are always welcomed and encouraged to rent an electric and noiseless "Whisper Boat" to explore this little piece of heaven on earth.

A picturesque canal between the Loosdrechtscheplassen and the river The Vecht. One of the most beautiful rivers in Holland. This river is a Rhine branch in the Dutch province of Utrecht. The area along the river is called the "Vechtstreek".

Giethoorn used to be a carfree town known in the Netherlands as "Venice of the North". Giethoorn was founded by fugitives from the Mediterranean region in around AD 1230.

I want to go here! Giethoorn, Netherlands. The village with no roads. You take a boat to go to different places!

Netherlands - Apparently people there are the happiest in the world