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Love this! Clan Campbell family motto: Never Forget.

Clan Campbell family motto: Never Forget. I want this tat, but different than this


bird tattoo : black and white : Stefan Sinclair of Two Hands Tattoo in Auckland.

Owl tattoo- love owls!! (currently wearing an owl necklace haha) @Berry Rules

I actually like your tattoo (17 photos)

that's a tattoo idea! - eyes behind me - Owls see through deception. The owl is a universal messenger of psychic wisdom and truth

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one side says ‘mal de vie’ and the other ‘joie de vie’, this was done at BUJU Tattoo in San Diego by DIANA

David Hale tattoo - The Scripting...lovely

50+ Examples of Fox Tattoo

Great fox design around a great Foo Fighters quote. David Hale - "Breathe out so I can breathe you in"