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  • Lisa Schinkel-Sulack

    Totally me :D That's when I tell my husband "noooooooooo, my preciouses!!"

  • Claudia

    my life... my book shelves!!

  • Kayo Haggard

    this was my life growing up with my mom! how ever we didnt have a cat and it usually ended in me storming off to build a new book case

  • Diane LeClercq

    This conversation has occurred in my house. Love the wow shirt on the guy, my husbands would say guild wars though.

  • Tillie Kimpel

    Nonsensical gibberish. Yeah, cause getting rid of old books is a ridiculous idea, as is returning a new book. They must be kept.

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Hmm reminds me of a few...The Fault in Our Stars, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, any John Green book ever

The mark of a good book......I have done this too many times to count!

This is true. Yeah I have like over 200 books and i have already read all of them 4-5 times

I need this to hang in my "library..."

I wish I could find this picture without the stupid blackout caption. But I love it enough to repin anyway. ♥

So when I Say I'm reading when u call my name it really means shut up and leave me alone to read:)

"Sometimes I forget myself in a book. And when I have to stop reading, it takes me a minute to remember where I am. Or who I am." - Unknown #quotes #writing #reading

Oh thank goodness it's not just me! Mjc There's nothing like reading a book for the first time.

One time I didn't know my brother was watching me while I was reading and he said, "Calm down. It's just a book."

"It's 3am, I should really go to bed. Oh, but this chapter ended with a cliffhanger! I have to read the next chapter to see what happens."

So true, last time this happened it was "The Fault In Our Stars" by John Green. i gave myself a headache, hiccups, and red eyes from crying :/