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Kuba Cloth. Using the leaf of the raffia tree, the Kuba people of the Congo first hand cut, and then weave the strips of leaf to make pieces of fabric, often called raffia cloth.

Africa | Ceremonial wrapper Kuba people, DR of Congo | Ceremonial wrapper | Raffia palm fiber, pigment, W. 28 3/4 x L. 238 in ( new textile appliqué)

Kuba Skirt - Made by the Ngeende, Bushoong and Ngongo people as a traditional woman's wrap skirty. Embroidered, quilted, cutwork, tie-dye and border elements all combine to made a very natural feeling piece. Wow!

KUBA, NGEENDE DANCE SKIRT 1, 16' 8" x 23" Kuba skirts, Tcaka, long are cloths made from raffia, from 8 - 25 feet long, from the...

Bad link here, so not able to credit, but beautiful!

Kuba Barkcloth textile 32

We have this on the wall in our old stonehouse in France.

Kuba Cloth--this would make a great knitting pattern

Beautiful Kuba cloth - by whom, where and when I do not know.

Wall hangings & cushions | Vintage fabric woven from raffia-palm leaf fibers. the swaths are traditionally worn as ceremonial dance skirts, called ntchaks, by the kuba people of the democratic republic of the congo.