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    sticky. hot. yuckiness.

    • Ace Acevedo

      Lies! Says me always... Minus the humidity of about 100%. Also, I love thr yoda speak. Cool, it is. Lol

    • Tami Perkins

      But it's a dry heat, LOL! Hey, dry is actually better--my breathing was better in 105 dry degrees today than in our normal high 80's + humidity

    • Claralyn Cartwright

      ugh! and us w/ no a/c! well, except for the little bitty window unit we finally put in today.... it's kinda cooling down all of one room right now....

    • Joni Owens

      Welcome to Florida. Today's temp surface of the ☀. Caution don't stay out too long or you may catch on 🔥

    • April Mahmarian

      exactly how i feel this summer in texas. i could never live here longer than 3 months that's for sure.

    • Heidi Lockovich

      6-26-2012 in Austin, TX it was a record-breaking 109*F. Bears hibernate in winter; Texans{should} hibernate in summer. Life.

    • Donna Ledford

      Brace yourselves, looks like 100 degrees or more for us for the next few days. I think I'll stay in the house :)

    • Morgan Elizabeth

      "I just LOVE paying this expensive summer Electric Bill and this frizzyazz hair!"... said NOone ever!

    • Angel Lewis

      but we really dont have to worry about that do we?? i would love a few days, no..weeks, no.. months of 70-80 degree weather tho!

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