We drank pop from glass bottles and returned the bottles to the store to collect the deposit.

carton of soda bottles

When we actually had glass bottles :)

Remember when bottle caps were lined in cork?

Pull tab cans.

Blast from the past anyone remember???

Hershey's Syrup in a can---the only way it came. Poked two triangular holes in the top with a bottle opener.

Glass Milk Bottles...delivered to your door by the milkman. Also available, butter, sour cream, and cheeses.

It hasta be shasta!

remember the old A & P grocery...

The classic Vendo 81-D Coca-Cola Machine. This 1957 classic is the quinticential machine for "Coke heads" and allowed the vendor to keep 81 bottles of ice-cold Coke ice-cold and ready for your refreshment!

Every drug store had comic books!

old-coke-machine - pull it out of the hole

Tab...pre Diet Coke

My dad liked it, though he usually bought the cheaper store brand grapefruit soda.

Vintage Packaging Design Inspiration

pop in bottles

had these in my collection

1980's whistle pop sucker. I know I used to annoy the hell out of my parents with this candy.

Pepsi Light

70s soda isle