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EVERY Nursing Mom Should Know About These Helpful Vitamins That Help Boost Milk Supply

Increasing your Breast Milk Supply... There are some great tips here if you're trying to nurse as long as possible.

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This article has some great tips for breastfeeding moms on how to increase milk supply, mainly through herbs.

This is the most effective thing I have found for keeping your milk supply up. Better than Fenugreek. It acts like Mucinex and helps loosen congestion when you have a cold to. A must have for your medicine cabinet. Oh and very naturally high in iron. Good for you! And safe for pregnancy too.

Cradle cap remedy ~ also a suggestion for help with acne. Helpful if I need it one day

Why I pack Pineapple Juice In My Hospital Bag, A tip for breast-feeding moms l lifeshouldcostless.com

Helpful tip!

love this helpful tool

Organic Milkmaid Tea. Supports your body’s lactation with a blend of organic herbs traditionally used to help support breast milk production.

21 Mom & Baby Friendly Uses for Coconut Oil

Tea to increase breast milk

When I breastfeed, how do I know I am doing it right? Is my baby getting enough milk? How often do I need to feed my baby? Why does my friend’s baby not feed as frequently? These are the types of questions regularly asked by mothers at some stage during their breastfeeding experience. Now, thanks…

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Foods To Help Increase Breast Milk Supply

Power foods for better breastfeeding to keep up your energy and your milk supply. I already eat half these foods on a daily basis, keeping up won't be as hard as I thought! :)

Natural Remedy for Increasing Milk Supply #essentialoils

The BEST article on how to pump for your baby written by a gal who pumped exclusively for her baby for 14 months!! This was really helpful and funny to read.

Great information that every breast feeding mom should know about their own diet and how it could affect your little one. You do not need to strictly avoid these foods but you should be aware that what you eat or drink could affect your LO. Key word is "could" , every baby is different but these are foods that tend to affect a baby. My first LO projectile vomited if I had milk or ice cream and still gets tummy aches from milk but my other 2 LO's had no problems.

Chewbeads are such great shower gifts: Looks like it's for the mom, but the baby gets to enjoy it too.