Belly Blanket Chic - protect your growing baby from radiation from cell phones, laptops, iPads, etc!

Belly tracking :)

Bathtub Divider. Saves so much water!

Belly Blanket Chic - Cosmo by Belly Armor

Keeps bugs out, blocks the wind and protects from UVA rays.

Black Red Rose Swaddle Swaddle Blanket and by MilkmaidGoods // I NEED THIS FOR MY BABY GIRL!!!

Smartest Idea EVER! Never have to pull over to find a thrown bottle

Pregnancy: The Pure Belly Wrap allows a growing belly to be nourished and supported by a breathable bamboo material that acts as a barrier to keep skin supple while protecting clothes from staining oils butters.

The HOLO is an inflatable mattress which allows prego mamas to sleep on their bellies. Wish I would have had one of these!

a better changing table. Who ever though changing a baby from the side was a good idea?

Going to have to look into this...The Woombie is a safe & natural way to swaddle your baby, allowing and encouraging baby to softly stretch their extremities as needed- just like in the womb. It comforts, softly confines arms, hugs the tummy (great for colic) and gently cocoons baby's unique curves... preventing Startling issues, face scratching, overheating and also preventing dangerous loose unraveled blankets from covering baby's face.

This is awesome...

Good to know for the future! "22 proven morning sickness remedies- thank god, a few things I haven't tried yet. Grabbing a heating blanket now.. And a fan so I don't get too hot and get the whole "outdoor cool breeze" experience."

Baby Shampoo Visor -

Pure Belly 3-in-1 Pregnancy & Postpartum White Belly Support Wrap

Breastfeeding Duties for Dads

"Momsicles" Perfect for teething babies. A popsicle made with formula, a pacifier, and evenflo bottle cap. GENIUS!!!

22 Awesome Pregnancy Announcement Ideas.... Who knows when I'll use them but these are so adorable!!

36 Ingenious Things Youll Want As a Parent: check them it out.. there are some really smart ones

Woombies. Buy online. No unwrapping to change diaper. Made out of yoga pant material and is stretchy. Absolutely no arms escape

Traditional belly binding helps hips and abdominal muscles go back to the right places after pregnancy.