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  • Heather

    Tongue/Lip Tie Info

  • Heather Buckholtz

    Diagnosing tongue/lip tie. It can be helpful to know. Sometimes tongue tie can necessitate clipping the frenulum (tissue connecting the tongue to the bottom palate). However, except in extreme cases, mothers who are willing to endure the pain, as tongue tied babies have to nurse more forcefully and difficult positions, can still breastfeed successfully without obtaining a frenectomy for their baby.

  • Motherfed

    Larry Kotlow DDS diagnostic criteria for clinically apparent tongue ties in infants

  • Karen Masilak

    tongue tie diagnosis

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Colic? Reflux? Baby that won't sleep? It may be an undiagnosed tongue/lip tie. Heres a step-by-step guide to identifying them at home.

how to diagnose tongue and lip ties. This article helped me diagnose Ireland's lip tie. She was a class 4 and was pretty much the worst her doc had ever seen. He was SUPER impressed that we were able to nurse. :)

Colic? Reflux? Baby that won't sleep? It may be an undiagnosed tongue/lip tie. Heres a step-by-step-guide to identifying them at home.

Tell Me About Tongue Ties! Excellent article. Babies who are tongue-tied may have problems affecting a secure latch to the breast. They can overcompensate by increased suction causing nipple damage and pain. A lot of women stop breastfeeding because of nipple pain that could be caused by an undiagnosed tongue tie or lip tie, An experienced IBCLC can help.

Does Your Baby Have Tongue or Lip Tie? #breastfeeding

Nursing isn't supposed to hurt or be something that you are suffering through. I know how to figure out why a latch hurts, if it does and empowering you to know what to do about it. Email me at mailto:happilynur...

When wondering if your baby might have a tongue tie or lip tie, many questions arise. Shared here are some visible, physical features babies with Tethered Oral Tissue may manifest. In dialoguing with...

Tongued Tied Baby. Tongue tie is a hugely overlooked breastfeeding issue, the article includes warning signs to help you identify it. GREAT READ. #breastfeeding

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