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A Clever Composite Photo Series That Presents Modern Photos in Historical Scenes

In an inversion of the typical then and now photo, photographer Samantha Decker has created a series of photo collages in which she appears to hold contemporary photographs in scenes from the past.…

The New New World, Renaissance Portraits Recreated as Photos

Laughing Squid is a blog featuring interesting art, culture & technology, as well as a cloud-based web hosting company.

Space City USA, A Never-Completed Space Theme Park in Alabama

Brides Throwing Cats Instead of Flower Bouquets

Funny Portraits of Dogs Dressed Like Humans

Graphic designer-turned-photographer Sebastian Magnani combines man and his best four-legged friend for a collection of whimsical portraits in his series titled Underdogs.

Distort, New Web Series Reveals Things Not Normally Visible By Using Photographic Techniques

Distort is an upcoming weekly web series that reveals things not normally visible to the human eye through high-speed cameras, time-lapse, and macro lenses. The series is by David Prager and Mauric…

Colorful Macro Photos of Spiders by Jimmy Kong

Clever Web Comics Transform Objects and Characters Into Unexpected Visual Gags

Shanghai-based artist Tango turns objects and characters into clever visual gags in his wonderfully simple web comics. images by Tango via Cross Connect, Tetris Rain, Lustik