Built by March Studio in Melbourne, Australia with surface Images by John Gollings Photography. 'Brent Knoll' is a new house by March Studio located on the outskirts of Victoria.

Modular Sleepbox...I got a similar idea but its called SleepPod

Sleepbox, tiny hotel rooms for napping at airports. Russian architects Arch Group have completed the first of their tiny hotel rooms for napping at airports.

Japanese studio mA-style architects has completed a metal-clad house with a smaller wooden house inside

Ant House by mA-style architects

mA-style: ant house mA-style: ant house ‘ant house’ by mA-style architects, omaezaki-city, shizuoka, japan image © kai nakamura all images courtesy of mA-style architects shizuoka-based mA-style.

dont know how practical those stairs are but i sure do loves me some white with wood. love how this space looks. good find, London. x

Interesting stair design-wood and concrete? combo-From the Waterfront House Coogee (sits on an oceanfront property in a beach suburb of Randwick, Australia) by MPR Design Group (Cement Step Indoor)

wood, stage, partition - or, warehouse living moveable walls

We are a multidisciplinary design studio founded in Milan in in which experimentation is at the core of innovation. We design interactive emotional environments We integrate architecture, design, installations with digital technologies and […]

Nosotros Bar's Sculptural Walls by Studio Otto Felix

Nosotros Bar's Sculptural Walls by Studio Otto Felix

Opulent Design Ideas Sculptural Wall at Nosotros Bar Drawing Attention to The Bartender

Great open layout concept that allows a little space to decorate

Media Storm Office by DHD Architecture and Design