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The Kama Sutra

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The white space caught my eye first. The small type along the top and in the bottom left corner balance this cover as the image weighs it down. I like how the image is treated, printed in black and white and cropped so that some of the figure isn't visible; it peaks intrigue.

Integrating pattern into numbers Poster Inspiration / News — Australian Infront

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Oliver Munday

Frankestein book cover...

Twenty Something by Devin Washburn, via Behance

Tom Davie | Type 2012

STEPHANIE This is a completely different take on the popular children's story/movie. The hole on the cover adds depth and draws in our attention into the world of Alice's Adventures Wonderland in a literal sense that the hole is created by a stack of paper

love the way this cover shows someone gamous that we don't know on sight...great use of space and elegant typography...designed by Olga Glric...

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1984 - Great cover for this book! (Had to read it in high school....would have enjoyed it more, if the one I read had this great design for the cover!)

Fyodor Dostoyevsky novels. The Brothers Karamazov/Los hermanos Karamazov 1880, Crime and Punishment/Crimen y castigo 1866, The Gambler/El jugador 1867

.. are tried men. Men who have been though trials. Men who have failed, either once or time and time again, and have come out the other side victorious. Men who make a conscious effort to go against the grain day in and day out. When they see fighting, don’t run and hide, but run towards it. Wisdom, my friends, is now found in knowledge, but in the love of wisdom itself. Keep on, keepin’ on.

Things We Didn't See Coming

Civilization and Its Discontents by Sigmund Freud. A far from bland read about Freud's philosophy on Western civilization. Freud's dichotomy of human instinct and civilized law was very interesting to me. [Gina]


cover illustration by marion deuchars

I really like the depth and the layers of this letters. So simple and so interesting; it really gives me the motion feelings of flying.