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    herd of zebras

    Sometimes, zebras are born with some strange stripe patterns. These zebras are called black zebras. These photos all illustrate the variety possible in the stripes or, in the bottom photo, “spots” of the zebra.

    Crocodile, Serengeti by photographer Paul Coleman. via Fired Earth. Source: National Geographic that's a colorful coat!

    Photographer David Slater left his camera unattended for a bit at a national park in Indonesia. Soon a crested black macaque monkey found it and became intrigued by her reflection in the lens. Somehow she also figured out how to operate the camera, creating this spectacular self-portrait…

    Look at that face...amazingly beautiful!

    Meet Sarah - the Peacock Tree Frog #peacock tree frog

    phototoartguy: “ From Reddit “Black and White Camouflage by Andre Gallant” ”

    Alphabet Soup - All 26 letters

    Out of my series ANIMALS…It took two years until I could take this picture. Before that I had made ​​another zebra picture and recognized the potential vortex. Unfortunately you can not plan animal pictures, so I had to wait a long time until a zebra lay down again the same way.


    One in a million, Blue eyes and Blonde ZEBRA...

    Have You Seen The Latest Street Photography

    Zebra by Roger Eamer


    time for a drink :

    Two zebras pictured in the dust in Cabarceno, Cantabria, Spain.


    zebra no. one

    Say Cheese