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Washing on a washboard in a wash tub in 1900's... My mom did this all the way through the early 70's.. I also remember the old washing machine with rollers.. I still remember getting my arm caught on that blasted machine.. can't remember if it broke my arm or not... Lol

September 1938. "Farm wife washing clothes. Lake Dick Project, Arkansas." 35mm negative by Russell Lee, Farm Security Administration.

A mid-century housewife hanging up her laundry. This reminds me of my mom. We had an outdoor clotheslines when I was a little. #vintage #1940s #laundry #homemaker

:( I'm so thankful for my washer and dryer and clean laundry (her laundry room curtains are cute)

A fantastic picture of a Classic Western Stage. The photograph was made in 1889, by John C. Grabill, who called the picture "Tallyho Coaching". The image shows the horse-drawn coach carrying a large group of dapper ladies and gents. The image was made near the Great Hot Springs in the Dakota Territory.


Wringer Washers Save Money

I remember helping my mom with laundry this way