Its bigger on the inside?


Tardis Fridge.

Doctor Who Tardis bed....saves space...looks cool...but it looks like a twin bed. He'd never agree to a twin bed from his queen. Of course, it IS a Tardis bed.

Doctor Who 12 Doctors Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Doctor Who TARDIS Cabinet: storage for sonic screwdrivers.


This is Mark Wallinger‘s “Time and Relative Dimensions in Space 2001″, a life-sized mirrored model of the TARDIS from Doctor Who which at certain angles seems to blend into its environment. It was exhibited at The Hayward Gallery in February 2009.

In Google Maps you can go inside and wander around in The TARDIS -Check it out my fellow Whovians!

Doctor Who Tardis Tank....NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED NEED...Sorry i'm getting a little carried away......NEEEEEEEED..There we go.

Tardis blue

TARDIS entertainment center

Alternative Wording Medium TARDIS Sign Fabric: For Doctor Who Costume - this would be a great dice bag


And a Time Lord in Blue boxxxxxx!!!

It's Peter Capaldi, The Doctor, in a TARDIS onesie.

Tardis doormat

TARDIS Light Up USB Stick. Brilliant!

Ms. Frizzle is River Song! - Imgur it is just a dubbed down version of doctor who and the children are like The Doctor's past companions the bus is the TARDIS and frizzle is river. There is just less scary death monsters oh and death and she is teaching them science

Tardis, Doctor Who Quote the episode the Doctor said it in made me cry😭

tardis door decals