A trio of male Australian big-bellied seahorses vie for the attention of a female seahorse at Living Coasts, Torquay, Devon. In a move that gives hope to overweight men everywhere, the female seahorse picks the male with the biggest belly.

A Jawfish incubating its eggs in its mouth.

Pregnant male seahorse.


Seahorse with new born babies

Pregnant Pygmy Seahorse!

Staring at the Sun by Nicholas Samaras

The Pygmy Seahorse is found in the western central Pacific Ocean. It is tiny, usually less than 2 centimeters (0.79 in) in size and lives exclusively on fan corals

A Male Seahorse With Young Emerging


Sea Horses (Hippocampus sp.), via Flickr.Diergaarde Blijdorp Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The dark horse. From the Aegean Sea, Turkey

Seahorse love, they hold tails with their mate when they sleep! Most types of seahorses pair for life. Female seahorses lay their eggs inside a pouch on the male seahorse’s belly. When the babies are ready to hatch, the male holds onto a piece of seaweed with his tail and rocks back and forth until the babies pop out of his pouch


Sea horses

Beautiful little seahorse!

Seahorse in his underwater home...

Pregnant Male Seahorse ~ giving birth

two Pot-Bellied Seahorses cuddle together....

Seahorse love

purple seahorse