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    The day it was sooo hot the ice cream truck melted! :o(

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    • Wendy Tancock

      This mysterious melted ice cream truck showed up in the suburban streets of Adelaide in South Australia in 2006. Though the image has been passed around the internet with a big question mark in place of artist credit, it is in fact ‘Hot with the Chance of Late Storm’, the work of Australian art collective ‘Glue Society‘. It was created for the 2006 Sculpture by the Sea fair.

    • Donna Rae Hasty Woods

      How HOT is it? It is so hot that the Ice Cream Truck melted on the side of the street.

    • Kelly Jeffries

      This melting ice cream truck was from OKC last summer when it was soooooo hot.

    • olivia grace

      Awww:( A melting ice cream truck.. Wouldn't that be a sight to see..<3

    • Jana Aliev

      installation streetart | Street installations are the new street art.

    • Heathrow

      Melted IceCream Truck » Funny, Bizarre, Amazing Pictures on imgfave

    • Robin Patterson

      Melted ice cream truck. Must be hot out!!

    • Andy Pritchard

      that's funny - Melting ice cream truck

    • Shade Aber

      Melted Ice Cream Truck Street Art

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    Sooo mean!

    Look Out Below: Antarctic Melting From Underneath - Ice experts have long known that Antarctica is losing ice at the margins of its vast ice sheets, where the frozen continent meets the sea — presumably, they thought, from icebergs breaking off and floating away. According to a report published in Science, however, more than half the ice loss is coming from warming ocean waters, which are melting the ice from underneath.

    New Greenland Ice Melt Fuels Sea Level Rise Concerns - new data published Sunday in Nature Climate Change reveals that over the past decade, the region has started rapidly losing ice due to a rise in air and ocean temperatures caused in part by climate change. The increased melt raises grave concerns that sea level rise could accelerate even faster than projected, threatening even more coastal communities worldwide.

    This made me laugh because I said the little jingle in my head. "I scream. You scream. The police come. It's awkward."

    hahahahaha im dying!

    I never even noticed till now. How funny

    Ole Jørgen Liodden/Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 So sad. According to this, “Arctic sea ice reached its second-lowest extent and the largest ice melt on record for the month of June since 1979.” And there have been reports of polar bears and grizzly bears mating, likely due to climate and environmental changes.

    You know you did it!

    Arctic sea ice looks set to hit a record low by the end of the month, according to satellite data. Scientists at the US National Snow and Ice Data Center said data showed that the sea ice extent was tracking below the previous record low, set in 2007.

    Are we cooling? | Icelights: Multiyear ice, or ice that has made it through at least two summers, has diminished over the last three decades. The extent of multiyear ice, which includes all areas of the Arctic Ocean where multiyear ice covers at least 15 percent of the ocean surface, is diminishing by about 15 percent per decade. Photo credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio

    Disappearing ice...

    Umm, this is not funny, it is sooo true!!! Listen up, men!

    sound advice



    I laughed so hard.

    oh my god. what is this.

    This is so awesome.

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