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You know you're a history fan when you still get upset thinking about the library of Alexandria. I totally understand. Can you just imagine the wealth of knowledge that it contained?

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And so is, "Isn't it fascinating how the Tudor dynasty came about from an illegitimate romance between a widowed queen and a Welshman?" I'm a nerd...

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Sometimes you feel alone because of how you prioritize books over everything else. | 31 Confessions Any Book Lover Will Understand

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Welcome back to 430 BC! It is true, history repeats itself. ROFLMAO-it's the only way I can feel about this. I've dug my hole to live in.



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I think you have to be a history teacher or history junky to laugh as hard as I did at this! So funny!

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"Sometimes I just want to bend down and touch the earth, then common sense tells me 'don't, you'll look like a fool...'"

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So I asked Nicolas..."What happened to the library or Alexandria?" He said: "It burned mom! I'm mad about that!"

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So true

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Me too!

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So true...

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I keep having to explain this to my bf

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lol truth

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So true.

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Yup, that's you

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Truth, truth, truth.

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A library is a hospital for the mind