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How to Make Reading Fun For Your Teenager

Lets put the fun back in reading for your teen! 3 tips!

Give the Gift of Reading: Good Books for Teens

Last installment of a series about giving books as gifts. These are my picks of clean and encouraging good books for teens.

15 Authors Share Their Favorite Bedtime Stories for Kids

Creating a Cell Phone Contract for Teens...or better yet, start a conversation! from Starts At Eight Using a cell phone contact to help guide teens is a good way to start, but you need to build a relationship with your teens through conversations that include their thoughts and ideas into the process.

How to Teach Valuable Life Skills to Your Teen with ADHD

Do you have a teen with ADHD? Now is the time to make sure you are training him in life skills for college and into adulthood. Here's how.

7 Ways Homeschool Teens Can Get Volunteer Hours

It is becoming increasingly important for teenagers to look for volunteer work throughout their high school years. Colleges are looking at community service as much as GPA. Not sure where to start? Here are seven ideas! |