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Camo Blazer, Dark Jeans, Burgundy Leather Shoes and Briefcase. Men's Fall Winter Street Style Fashion.

All Layered. grey scarf, denim jacket, and a light green knit military blazer slice it with stripes and splash the creation of texture.

willhuntgoods: Latest arrivals from ESEMPLARE at Gentry NYC

Well-matched patterns in shirt and tie.

Layers, great! I would have a splash of color though... burgandy? It could be belt and shoes... or just a tie.

excuse me, young man? if you are not gay could you please come over here and let me love you? if you are gay then can we be best friends? kthanks bye ♥

WE TASTE HONEY, WE SMELL BLOOD! (by Christoph Schaller)

When she saw him across the park, her eyes filled with tears. Fate had been pretty wishy-washy to her up until that moment. But now, her mind was filled with flurried flakes of euphoria, her atoms darting in all directions. "So," thought she, "this is what it's like to be alive."