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  • Cindy Hogg

    classroom organization, paint stick two different colors, and instead of piling sticks on desk, flip the stick to show who you have called on.

  • Kayley King

    Paint sticks 2 different colors. When you call on a student flip their stick so you know who you hvae called on. Lucky ducks label is cute too. From Kindertastic.

  • Joanne Cilliani

    paint sticks 2 different colors so that after you call on someone, you turn their stick around and it's a different color so you know who you've called on.- can be used with HS kids

  • Sunny

    Classroom Management: Calling on students popsicle sticks.

  • Julia Charlotte

    Good idea to paint sticks two different colors so you know who has been called on!

  • Lindsey Blair

    KinderTastic: classroom organization paint popsicle sticks two colors so you can flip and know who you've called on. Eliminates favoritism.

  • Jenny Goetz

    paint the sticks two colors so you know who you have called on! Cute classroom idea!

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