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Crab Eggs Benedict

Real friends give you crabs. The shelled kind, not the bad decisions kind. *shudders* So how do you repay the friends who give you crabs? The good kind, mind you. You make them breakfast, which is more than could probably be said for the person who gave you the bad decisions kind… I’m moving off thi...

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31 Exciting Ideas for Eggs in a Hole. I absolutely must make eggs-in-sweet-potato cups this weekend.

O M G! Yum!!! I love eggs benedict...well I think mostly the hollandaise ;) Have to try this version!

Eggs Benedict - Coles favorite...I'm still not a fan of the sauce...maybe someday it'll grow on me. (0= Ya for poaching eggs!

Deen Brothers Crab Cake Benedict. My favorite brunch dish ever- would love to find a decently easy recipe for making it at home.

8 Tiny Comfort Foods - tiny eggs Benedict, tiny tacos, tiny chicken n waffles, tiny fried pockets of mac n cheese, tiny meatloaf on a stick, tiny banh mi, tiny pop tarts, and itty bitty bloody marys

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon - I'll probably never eat this in my life being that I don't like the idea of an undercooked egg, but this presentation made me at least consider it for a split second...SEXY.

Eggs Benedict on Roasted Brown Mushrooms Spinach and Prosciutto | Drizzle and Dip

Eggs Benedict. Hands down my all time favorite thing for breakfast! YUUUUM! This recipe has an odd method for making the Hollandaise sauce, but the pictures look yummy yummy yummy! not so ordinary...however, I would like to make it part of my ordinary life! : ))

If I was at a cocktail party or a brunch, and they had mini egg benedict canapés, I would be pretty stoked.