ad 1942  Adelaide Hiebel (1886 – 1968, American)

(Part II) Young Girl With Duck Boy And Faithful Dog A Cute Couple School Zone Baby’s Wonder World – Boy With Toy Plane Modern Garage Bluebirds For Happiness title unknown This Little Pi…

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Frances Tipton Hunter (1896 – 1957, American) | I AM A CHILD

Frances Tipton Hunter (1896 – 1957, American)

'The Baby Sitter' Frances Tipton Hunter

look mom broke it in half

Frances Tipton Hunter (1896 – 1957, American)

First Pair Of Pants ~Frances Tipton Hunter ~ American Illustrator

Frederick Sands Brunner (1886 - 1954)

Frederick Sands Brunner (1886 – 1954)

Frederick Sands Brunner Playing With Baby

Before Your First Kiss — Open Letter to My 13-year-old Daughter.

The Love Letter - Bob Byerly

2 Timothy, Sands, Paintings, Beaches

Peinture de Mabel Rollins Harris

1940 Mabel Rollins Harris, Curly Hair Child & Bluebirds ~ Large Litho Calendar Sample, Antique Prints with Children & Infants

Adelaide Hiebel (1886 – 1968, American)

Illustration by Adelaide Hiebel – American--Girl at the Gate-

horses - first love

I remember seeing this vintage picture in one of my primary readers in I loved the stories and illustrations as a little girl.

God will never give us more than we can handle.                                                                                                                                                      More

God doesn't give us what we can handle, God helps us handle what we are given. (Cheer up friend)

Adelaide Hiebel --

Gold Medal Rags on Guard, de Adelaide Hiebel 1886 – American


Grandfather helps little girl with dollhouse - Sandra Kuck - original image…

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