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This has to be shared. Credits to the artist. Depression is quiet. Anyone can fall victim to it!

"trying to use willpower to overcome the apathetic sort of sadness that accompanies depression is like a person with no arms trying to punch themselves until their hands grow back. A fundamental component of the plan is missing and it isn't going to work"

"And that's how my depression got so horrible that it actually broke through to the other side and became a sort of fear-proof exoskeleton."

Hyperbole and a Half: Depression Part Two This is a very good explanation of what being depressed feels like. Something people don't realize is that depression doesn't necessarily feel sad. Sometimes it feels "nothing", and sometimes it just feels like everything in the world is really irritating.

Depression Part Two - Hyperbole and a Half -

Hyperbole and a Half: Depression Part Two. This is a great portrayal of how depression can affect a person (sprinkled with some humor here and there). I'm pinning it more for awareness than for the lulz, though like I said, there's some dark comedy in here.