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    Odette Sansom WWII activities in France. She made a landing near Cannes in 1942, where she made contact with her supervisor, Peter Churchill. Using the code name Lise, she brought him funds and acted as his courier.



    • Vicky allum

      The heroes of history don't all have Y chromosomes. These female spies were integral in the defeat of the Nazis in World War II.

    • Molly Helm

      SPECIAL OPERATIONS EXECUTIVE (SOE) AND SPECIAL FORCES AGENTS DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR. Odette Hallowes ( Churchill) G.C. One of the three Soe agents awarded the George Cross, the other two were Violette Szabo and Noor Inyat Khan.

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      Odette Hallowes, Women's History, Second World War women, WW2 women, SOE, female spies, Allied spies, special operations executive

    • Ob Bop

      Odette Sansom Hallowes. One of four female George Cross recipients, she remains the only one to have received it while alive.

    • Iraq Solidarity News (Al-Thawra)

      On Holocaust Memorial Day, where the horrors of NAZI Germany are rightly taught throughout institutions across Great Britain, I would like to encourage people to pay attention to the role of the brave women who served with the Special Operations Executive and through whose bravery and commitment, paved the way for the liberation of Europe.

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    • Doug Banks

      Odette Marie Celine Brailly, was born in Amiens, France on 28th April 1912. She was recruited by the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) and sent to France as the radio operator for the 'Spindle' network, led by Peter Churchill in 1942.

    • Kathryn J. Atwood

      Odette Hallowes - GC, MBE, Chevalier de la legion d'honneur. She worked for the French underground, but was betrayed to the Gestapo. Under torture, she stuck to her cover story, was sentenced to death and taken to Ravensbruck. She survived the war Band went on to testify against her prison guards in 1946.

    • Laura Schmidt

      Odette Sansom Hallowes (28 April 1912-13 March 1995) was an Allied heroine of WWII. She was condemned to death in June 1943 and sent to Ravensbrück concentration camp. Odette survived the war partly thanks to her alias of "Churchill". The British had calculated that if the Germans thought she was related to the British Prime Minister, they would want to keep her alive as a possible bargaining tool. And so it turned out.

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