Odette Sansom WWII activities in France. She made a landing near Cannes in 1942, where she made contact with her supervisor, Peter Churchill. Using the code name Lise, she brought him funds and acted as his courier.



October 2nd, 1452: Richard III born


British WWII

London after WWII

June 9th, 1929: Goodbye Victoria Woodhull

WWII Posters

WWII poster.

WWII Poster

WWII poster England

Dalmatian war dog with American Soldier, WWII

Dresden Germany, WWII and now. The bombing here during WWII was horrific. Allied bombers and Dresden's people were all victim's of Hitler's madness!

detail of "Chippers." Women War Workers of Marinship Corp, 1942. - WWII propaganda photo, women war workers, shipyard, shipbuilding

France, WWII Comrades of the grandfather of Magdalene Linck

Nancy Wake served as a British Special Operations Executive during WWII

Neighbours in war time England wearing gas masks - -WWII

WWII Poster from London.