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  • Joanna Holmes

    Interesting writing prompt picture

  • Zoe Sadokierski

    'divorce with regret' by Emiliano Ponzi for the Telegraph UK, Stella magazine. The female figure is yearning for the absent figure in the image, and her life. Simple but effective use of negative space to illustrate the point.

  • Whitney Mayfield-Kinser

    Emiliano Ponzi. Wow I love this. So much. captivates how we all feel with somebody sometimes. Trying to hug and hang on to an invisible person!

  • tea with hazel

    hugging the shadows emiliano ponzi

  • Kimberly Crumpler

    Apparently this pic is called: "Divorce with regret." Sad. Wish I knew who the artist is. Being a child of divorced parents definitely impacted my emotional development. I sorta see this pic as me embracing the memory of a secure, unworried child who had no idea what was coming (even though I know that it is supposed to be embracing spouses.)

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