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    Makeup may not come stamped with an expiration date, but there's definitely a time to toss it. Find out if you've got gross, way-too-old products hidden in your makeup bag ...

  • Stephanie G.

    When to trash makeup

  • Vicki Johnston

    Is Your Makeup Expired? We'll Tell You When to Toss Your Makeup - Trash before three months: - Page 8

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Lips: Use a very light baby pink or nude matte lipstick. Eyes: Apply a dark blue liner to your top and bottom lash line, then sweep shimmery white or light blue shadow to your brow bone.

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Seriously dark eyes, this is great for a night out on the town or a special event!

Eyeliner. Notice how there's a hint of blue on her lower lids...and she has blue eyes. Traditionally you go opposite in eye makeup colors (blue eyes get neutral colors, brown gets jewel tones), but I have blue eyes and do this on occasion. It really makes them pop!

how to create a classic hitchcock heroine makeup look {such great halloween inspiration!}

Who doesn't want juicy lips?! Lipstick and lip gloss CAN do the trick. All it takes is one minute, four products, and a simple technique. This tutorial on plumping your pout will make you think twice about going under the needle. We'll show you how!

Glasses like these make me miss wearing come they didn't have styles like this when I was younger?

makeup removers that actually take all your makeup off {makeup artists shared their favorites, so helpful!}

Any trend that allows us to refer to ourselves as <a href="">sleek vixens</a> is automatically acceptable in our books. The fact that this trend is actually attention-grabbing and gorgeous? Icing on the cake...