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In 1961 Margaret Leonard was a 19 year old student at Sophie Newcomb College and she was the first white Southerner to participate in the Freedom Rides. Her mother, a progressive columnist for the Atlanta Journal, was fired after Margaret’s arrest. Margaret is now retired after a long career as a reporter in Florida.

Angela Davis

"James Dawson, arrested for Indecent Exposure. North Shields Police Station, 9th June 1902."

Victorian child prisoner, Albert Cullum

Alick Evan McGregor 1880s month in jail for larceny.

Aporo Paerata (b. 1855). Charged with murder and sentenced to death on 13 June 1887, although this sentence was later commuted to life in prison [Gisborne]. Photograph taken on 17 September 1887.

Richard Reeves (b. 1888). Charged with perjury and sentenced to 12 months in gaol on 23 August 1907 (Masterton). Photograph taken on 29 February 1908 at Waipa. According to his mug shot sheet he has a heart and anchor tattooed on his right forearm, and is employed as a driver.

John Larsen (b. 1872, Denmark). Charged with exposing his person and sentenced to 12 months in gaol on 29 November 1907 (Auckland). Occupation listed as 'seaman'. Photograph taken on 19 September 1907.

William Henry Wallace (b. 1873, England). Charged with pocketpicking on 15 August 1908 (Auckland). Photograph taken on 15 August 1908 in Auckland.

Joseph Williams (b. 1860, England). Charged with procuring liquor for prohibited person and sentenced to 1 month in gaol on 19 July 1907 (Napier). Photograph taken on 15 August 1908 in Napier.

Andrew Frederickson alias Smith (b. 1856, Sweden). Charged with 5 counts of forgery & uttering and sentenced to 3 years in gaol (Dunedin). Photograph taken on 28 March 1889.

John Powell (b. 1843). Charged with killing a sheep with intent to steal the carcass and sentenced to two years in gaol on 8 October 1889 [Nelson]. Photograph taken on 2 September 1889.

Mugshots - Prostitutes of Montreal

Retronaut - Mugshots of Prostitutes of Montreal

Prostitutes of Montreal

Mugshots of Prostitutes of Montreal

This is François, 23 month old son of Alphonse Bertillon, the man widely credited with the invention of the mugshot. François' crime in 1893? "Gluttony, nibbling all the pears from a basket".

1957: Eleanor Roosevelt’s pistol licence. Because she insisted on driving her own car without a guard, getting a pistol was her compromise with the Secret Service.

Convicted of unlawfully using an instrument to procure a miscarriage. Mary Brownlee was a backyard abortionist who was caught during an extensive police investigation. She was sentenced to 12 months light labour, but her male accomplice was acquitted. Aged 64.

Stalin's Mug Shot. The information card on Joseph Stalin, from the files of the Tsarist secret police in St. Petersburg, circa 1911

South Boston mobster and FBI informant James Whitey Bulger”.

1968 mug shot of a drag queen

Donna Lethal. Wonder what she did... kill her husband with hairspray fumes, perhaps? Whatever it was, I wouldn't wanna cross her.

Early mugshot of... can you guess? Benito Mussolini, 1903!

Anna Belle