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  • Kimberly Ekes

    Harry Potter Book vs. Movie Characters Always thought Alan Rickman was spot-on

  • Rikki Williams

    "Harry Potter" Characters In The Books Vs. The Movies It's funny because I always thought Alan Rickman was the perfect Snape and was the image of Snape in my head even before the movie. And yes, Hermione is a total babe in the movies!

  • Dreaming in Daylight

    Alan Rickman -IS- Severus Snape =D


    Harry Potter Book and Movie #harrypotter

  • Cordelia

    Books and Other Geekery: Hahah so true. Harry Potter book characters ≠ Harry Potter movie actors.

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POTTERHEADS FOREVER! (Not only that, I've found that HP fans are the COOLEST when it comes to having intelligent discussions about all things HP, vs the crazy-a$$ screaming that goes on when someone disagrees w/ someone else in some of the other fan forums I've seen. Here? It's politely discussed and even if there's no agreement, it's okay to disagree! HP fans are the best!)

Accurate. Thanks, Harry Potter, for setting it straight.

It's the smell!!! I love it!!! You get funny looks sniffing a kindle on a bus, but sometimes, not very often, someone will give you a look, as if they know the joy of new book smell : D and no I'm not crazy hehe

  • Val Ryan

    I love actual books, they're amazing, but e-readers are more conveinient. Books on Kindles, cost less and I'm not carrying tons of books around with me. At school I useto carry like 2 to 4 books at a time and it was a pain. With my Kindle it's a lot easier. I have all my favorite books on me at all times and it's not a hassle to carry them around. Also if I finish a book during school, I can get a new one or at least reread a old one. I love books a lot but I like Kindles just as much.

  • Vanessa Tong

    Kindle is magic...and I love magic. With just a swipe of the finger I can have any book, anytime, anywhere. What more do we need in life?

  • Nikita Earle

    I perfer books over kindle. While I see the advantages of having a kindle such as having my entire library on hand, I just don't like the kindle.

  • Caitlin Gonzalez

    Good argument lol

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harry potter in voldemort's point of view

I'm a Harry Potter geek. When I first saw the second movie I said to myself, this shall never happen to me. My friend and I are always going together

16 Rare “Harry Potter” Illustrations From Mary Grandpre (PART 1) // I pulled this from a Buzzfeed article and put all the pictures on one page so you could witness it in all its glory!

Nonsense a Harry Potter Movie is a Harry Potter Movie no matter... Well, there's nothing wrong with any of them

I can't read Draco's reaction, but he looks so funny!

Dobby does love socks. Now, let's all have a moment of silence for his lovely self.

If Modern-Day Harry Potter Had Instagram Billie Stout Elise Goodwin Erin Goodwin

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Previous pinner: "this is true..." Year One and Two, they are all smiling. Year Three Harry's like "not cool Voldy" Ron is kind of half smiling and Hermione's like "yay happy time!!" Then from Year Four on they are all like, "shit not cool."

Looks like I won't be watching reality shows (not too difficult since I don't watch them anyways :] )