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  • Danilo Amaral

    Classica do Mr. Ali

  • Louis Plummer

    One of my favorite sport images, a very young Cassius Clay taunting Sonny Liston after knocking him down. There is only one Mohammed Ali!

  • William Gibson

    Muhammed Ali standing over Sonny Liston. May 25, 1965. This second matchup took place in tiny Lewiston, Maine. Shortly after this knockdown--in the middle of Round 1--Liston stood up unsteadily, and Ali made four unanswered punches. Under confusing circumstances, the referee belatedly awarded Ali a knockout, and Ali became World Boxing Council Heavyweight Champion (though probably this result should have been considered a technical knockout). [Sourced in part from Wikipedia]

  • Jenny .

    By KO'ing Sonny Liston in March 1964 Cassius Clay became, at 22, world heavyweight champ. Soon he embraced the Black Muslim faith and adopted the name Muhammad Ali. But in 1967, upon refusing to be drafted, Ali was stripped of the title. He had to sit out three years. Not until 1974 did he reclaim the crown, by rope-a-doping George Foreman in the "Rumble in the Jungle" in Zaire.

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'the man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life' : the greatest.

Muhammad Ali v. Antonio Inoki - June 25, 1974

Muhammad Ali v. Antonio Inoki (Wrestler) 26 June 1976, Tokyo

"i done wrestled with an alligator, i done tussled with a whale, only last week i murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalized a brick. i'm so mean i make medicine sick." • muhammad ali

"I ain't draft dodging. I ain't burning no flag. I ain't running to Canada. I'm staying right here. You want to send me to jail? Fine, you go right ahead . . . but I ain't going no 10,000 miles to help murder and kill other poor people." Muhammad Ali

“I know where I am going, and I know the truth, and I don’t have to be what you want me to be. I’m free to be what I want” Mohammad Ali :(

be great at something - Mohammed A. - heavy weight boxing champion

Cassius Clay. Because he had the courage to be Muhammad Ali, to fight convention, and win.

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I wish people would love everybody else the way they love me. It would be a better world. Mohammed Ali

Muhammad Ali vs. George Forman; Oct. 29, 1974, in Kinshasa, Zaire.