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Parent/child tattoos

by Whitney Moss
I saw this on Pinterest and felt moved to share it. Someone else blogged it with the title “Good parents are good.” I loved that, too. Do you have a tattoo with meaning? Do you plan to or already have your child/ren’s names on your body? via iwastesomuchtime
  • M X

    The parents who tattooed insulin pumps on their bellies so their diabetic son wouldn't feel "different"...sooo sweet!

  • Ashley Berger

    My sister-in-law has type 1 diabetes and uses an insulin pump like this. I am proud of these parents for doing this for their son. It's a hard adjustment, especially for children. Way to be strong, parents. Way to be united.

  • Kattie Issa

    A little boys parents each got a tattoo of an insulin pump after there son told them he felt different because he had one ......Awesome parents =)

  • Jenny Hopkins

    What awesome parents :) #diabetes #diabetic #T1D #Type1Diabetes #Glucose #Insulin #tattoo #insulinpump

  • Jessica Fraser-Courtemanche

    Parents get tattoos to support son on insulin pump for type 1 diabetes. So sweet!! I would do that for either of my kids! <3

  • Stephanie Lynette

    He felt different because he had to wear an insulin pump for Type 1 Diabetes. Awesome parents!

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