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  • Sarah Bailey

    20 Creative Pregnancy and Newborn Photo ideas. Love this pic idea!

  • Laura Richardson

    Family hands. Cute idea for newborn picture........

  • Brigitte Biber

    Newborn picture ideas - love the "family of hands" and "family of feet." Naptime boredom pictures are hilarious. Wonder if I could think of one with our whole family . . .

  • Becky Harrison

    Family picture idea. It'll look especially awesome with the enormous size difference between mine and my man's hands.

  • Joanna Iturbe

    Great photo idea for newborn photos, but we'd have D's hand between mine and the babies, too.

  • AdamJacy Porter

    Love this family photo idea!!! With all our hands after the baby is born :)

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OK, so this is really a link to 20 Creative Pregnancy and Newborn Photo Ideas. But c'mon. How perfectly cute is this?!?

Newborn--you could add name, date, poundage to the letter--great for announcement

Creative newborn photos... I actually don't mind the baby-in-oval-frame idea.

I like the blocks, only I think it would be cuter if she was holding them right over her belly

And we just took my 32 week belly shots. This would have been better. Actually, i wish I had this picture from the week of the gender ultrasound. That would make a good scrapbook page.

I like this natural shot. Newborn photos- would be cute with sibling too!

1/20 creative pregnancy photos...Ok, so i know this is supposed to be cute, but the tiny baby hanging off the bed is kinda disturbing and funny to me. Not something I would do for a family photo :-P