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Car Travel Games for Toddlers - Mom's Minivan: 101 Travel ideas for kids

The Snack & Play Travel Tray enhances the driving experience by providing a flat, safe area for children to eat and play. Snack & Play Travel Tray is made of soft, durable, Nylon.Note: Colour has changed from blue to black. It buck

Family vacation ideas. Road Trip Hacks - using them this weekend!! GREAT Ideas for the car for kids!

Road Trip Hacks for Kids - Page 2 of 2

Car Travel Games for Kids. Lots of neat and fun ideas for the time between here and there. #kids #games

More than 101 car travel games, road trip activities, and free printable car games to play with kids.

This chart is an easy way to keep up with your kids baby teeth. Now you'll know when they're expected to come in and become loose!

This chart is an easy way to keep up with your kids baby teeth. Now you'll know when they're expected to come in and become loose! Love this dince I'm a Dental Assistant for a living!

Sit-Upon Instructions

Car Bingo - Auto Bingo, and many other free printable travel games, car games and fun road trip activities for traveling with kids.

Road Trip Accessories for Kids - toddlers on tour

Road Trip Accessories for Kids

Fossil Vintage Re-issue Weekender bag,soooo want this bag! Travel Games & Tips for Traveling with Kids Top 10 Travel Gadgets for Kids Sofa.

DIY Magnetic Travel Activity Tray...great for the car with several sheets to play on.  A cookie sheet underneath and magnets on the bottoms of toys.  Possibilities are endless.

Craft, Interrupted: DIY Magnetic Travel Activity Tray - I love this idea! Plus, I always wanted to have a tray for car activities but never thought about cookie trays!

laminate and modify- grocery shopping, riding in car, nature walk, around house, animals/shapes/colors

Scavenger Hunt Ideas: Lists and Planning

This site has some fun travel games that will be great for vacation, but I just used the scavenger hunt game as an indoor acitivity by having the kids find those items in their books or magazines.

GREAT ideas for keeping a toddler entertained while on a road (or plane! or train!) trip. Some I've never heard for before...

9 Fun Travel Activities for Kids on the Go - ideas for a road trip with a toddler - 2 year old.

Ocho posiciones de yoga para hace con pequeñitos. Los nombres fueron cambiados para que sean divertidos y fáciles de recordar por los chicos. Tiempo total: menos de 10 minutos: justo al borde del punto limite de caída de atención.

Yoga for Better Behavior

8 yoga poses to do with toddlers. Awww I wanna do yoga with my kids one day! I like that the names are changed to be fun and easy for kids to remember. Total time: less than 10 minutes = just at the edge of the attention span cliff.