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You are my I love you

You are my I love you

You are my I love you

I need to read this every single day! The older my son gets, the more I realize how much I am going to miss these baby/toddler years once they are over. I love watching him grow up but selfishly, I just wish he would stay my baby forever!

I don't say it too often out loud to the world, but I love my husband!! My Love, you are it all!! Xoxo

I love this! So true but oh how quickly we eagerly step out of this role when they find their true love for life, but they still remain our whole world until we are gone. Love my sons!

Happy Money Saverfrom Happy Money Saver

"Motherhood is a Choice You Make Everyday"

AHH motherhood. Wouldn't trade it.

Man I needed to read this today. Just sub "in the waiting room of your son's occupational therapy clinic" for "locked in the bathroom" and yes.... Pretty much sums it up.