"Best New Exercises for Women" from Women's Health online - This article has a lot of good exercises to add into your rotation. I especially like this Single-Leg Deadlift pictured for your hamstrings!!


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Ab Exercises

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perform this legs and butt workout once or twice a week. (one of two workouts to help you lose leg fat)


Barre Exercises You Can Do At Home | Beauty & Fitness Ideas


Lose the Pooch! The Best Exercises for Lower Abs 8 moves to melt off that pesky layer of lower-belly fat. I need to do this desperately!

Opposite Arm and Leg Raise

Women's Health: flat stomach and tight butt workout

How to Protect Your Spine and Lower Back While You Lose Weight

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Hourglass workout

Sculpt smoking hot sexy legs with this Single-leg Drop and Raise leg exercise. It Works your shoulders, core, quads

The Pistol Squat. This is a brutal leg exercise that will tone your legs in unimaginable ways. Tip: Don't expect your form to be perfect the first couple times you try it