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    How to Treat Poison Oak With Oatmeal

    by eHow Health Editor
    One of the most effective ways to treat the rashes that accompany exposure to the poison oak plant is to soak in an oatmeal bath. By grinding up rolled oats into a fine powder, and dissolving the solution in your bath water, you can experience relief from itching for several hours.
    • Nina Eberhardt

      If you just started a new leg workout or significantly increased the intensity of your current workout, you may experience delayed onset muscles soreness. DOMS is the pain, ache and discomfort you feel after your new or increased workout. Typically the pain peaks at 24 hours post-workout and usually dissipates after 72 hours. By understanding the causes of and how to treat DOMS, you can keep yourself active and working out your legs.

    • Ying & Yang Living

      Rejuvenate your skin with a Green Tea Bath!

    • Evan Davis

      how to treat poison oak with oatmeal

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