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OMG! seriously need this.

As a bibliophile I truly appreciate this idea, BUT, my secret room would not be more bookcases.just sayin. "A bookcase that leads to a hidden room with.wait for it.more bookcases!

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The gate of Narnia // hidden rooms//secret passages. seriously a requirement in my future home.

Hidden Doors And Secret Passages Ideas 19

Hidden Doors And Secret Passages Ideas

50 home library design ideas. This design is actually very easy to do. Use a room in your home that has a bedroom just off of it and install (or build) bookshelves on the wall were the bathroom door is. Change out the bathroom door for a bookshelf.


Oyster Bay Beach House interior designed by Heide Hendricks - This cozy book nook has a great variety of lighting, and I think it would be particularly enjoyable during the dark days of winter.


Going down stairs are so mainstream. Imagine sliding down from the floor to the first. Talk about fun! But, I will need stairs so I can walk up to the rooms. But, an indoor slide is good when coming down.

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The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Best DIY Furniture & Shelf Ideas 2017 / 2018 15 Creative Ideas for Bookshelves -Read More -

My future house…

My future house…

A collection of the most awesome things you could ever have in your house. I esp love the fire pit, the sleepover room, and the drying rack!

Тайная комната и невидимые двери - F L A S H D E C O R

Probably one of the best pins in the world, considering my Nancy Drew-infatuated mind is set on having something like this in my future house.my future house that WILL include a library.

Recess a seat between built-in bookcases

All About Window Seats

window seat in home office between built-in bookcases would be cute for living room windows

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Great for door leading from Room to Closet Lounge! Turn a closet into a bookcase and then make the door MORE bookcases? Pretty sure my husband would love this!