dark. stormy.

the dark and the light



Stormy Morning by Joey Sichol...taken June 11, 2009.

nothing like being at the beach on a stormy day!

After a storm


storm clouds building up....the sea becomes stormy too...


Stormy sea at sunset

Beautifully scary

Beautiful Sunrise after what appears to have been a stormy sea.


Stormy night in Venice, Italy


Wow - stunning dark beauty - The Dark Hedges - N. Ireland. Michele Erdvig says: "The timeless aura is evocative of a Tolkienesque landscape." Indeed.

The Dark Hedges ~ Ireland

Glen Haven Pier by Leelanau Lab

"Well tell me, where's your precious mermaid now?" He said, hatred dripping from his voice. A shadow appeared behind him, just out of sight, but dark with glimmering feet... "I'm right here."