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I will always love the false image I had of you.

from The Funny Beaver

Hump Day Random Funny Pictures

Want some fun? Show this to some of these folks and watch the confusion on thier face!

I wish I could say this is some people and not get in trouble....

Thank you for waiting...... #IKnowWhatYouAre #ToxicNonsense #Narcissist #AbusiveRelationship #SalsarahBelievesSheCanHelpOthers

from eBay

14k white gold wedding band 1ct diamond ring 5.57g

Doesn't matter what others think, you have to live with your choices. #wordsofwisdom

or the first 50 times I warned you. @Raven Wells sound familiar;)

Funny Confession Ecard: I don't have a dirty mind. I have a sexy imagination.