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    Here’s a sentiment she’ll adore. Get creative in asking someone to one of the most fun nights of the year!

    Create your own fall carnival games using paper mache boxes and felt!

    Succulents are poster children for sophisticated, unfussy style, making them ideal for dorm rooms!

    Make your teacher's day with a homemade gift!

    Feeling crafty? Try whipping up a foam feast that's sure to please even the toughest food critic! TIP: Leave the pizza toppings loose so kids can "make" their own pizza.

    Get ready for the new school year with a selfie stick!

    Jumpstart your child's learning with an easy-to-use pack of flashcards!

    To make this trendy-looking calendar, put sheets of decorative paper in coordinating frames and label each one with the days of the week. Then, just use dry-erase markers to keep track of your activities each day.

    Keep track of carpool schedules, little league games and all the special events a school year brings with a stylish planner.

    DIY abacus. 1) Paint an open frame, dowel rods and wooden beads and wheels. Let dry. 3) Cut 4, 12" pieces of a 3/16" and 1/8" dowel rod. 4) Using 1/8" drill bit, drill 8 holes (4 on each side directly across) being sure to evenly space the holes. 5) Do the same for the other 8 holes, only with 3/16" drill bit. 6) Slide all beads (by color) onto the 3/16" dowel rods and all wheels onto the 1/8" dowel rods. 7) Push the ends of all dowel rods into the appropriate holes. Use glue to secure.

    Put on your cape (or your best Clark Kent glasses), and give your classroom some superhero style!

    Kiss basic bookmarks goodbye and say hello to these lovely pieces. Create your own page savers with ribbon, tassels and charms for a look that has personality for days!

    Gear up for the new school year with everyday, classroom essentials!

    Take tic-tac-toe wherever you go! Personalize it by using your school colors, logos, mascots and more!

    DIY felt masks! 1) Using the template from our Made To Mask project sheet, take your felt and cut out all of the mask pieces. Make sure to cut an extra main piece to back the entire mask and reinforce it. 2) Next, determine how much elastic you will need for the mask. 3) Start stitching the smaller pieces of your mask (ex. nose, eyelids, etc.) to the main front of the masks. 4) Place elastic ends in between the top layer and the back layer of your mask and stitch together.

    Gear up for the school year with desk decor that's anything but ordinary! DIY TIP: Create your own "Bright Ideas" container with a light bulb jar embellished with ribbon and paint.

    Start the new school year right! Create an organized homework station to keep your favorite student on track.

    Add your own personality to your school space. Simply mix and match your favorite colors and patterns for locker decor that's on top of its class!

    With just some rainbow shades of paper, designer tape and a few stickers, we turned a standard-issue frame into the coolest, most colorful calendar this side of the cafeteria. TIP: Dry erase markers wipe right off the glass!

    Dorm décor done right! Transform boring walls (at least on your half of the room!) with the new and colorful #YourRoom posters.

    This cooler folds flat for easy freezing and keeps food cold for up to 10 hours. All walls of the cooler contain a freezer pack containing eco-gel. A convenient and adjustable carrying handle at the top of the cooler makes transportation a breeze.

    Make your dorm room glamorous with clean patterns, bright colors, and gold accents!

    Make this school year one for the books! Welcome students to your classroom by throwing a simple celebration, complete with notebooks, treats and other back-to-school essentials.

    DIY Pom-Pom Flowers: 1) Wrap yarn around a credit card longwise. The amount of times you wrap it depends on how full you want the pom-pom. 2) Pull the wrapped yarn off very carefully. Then, using a 6” piece of yarn, tie the wrapped yarn together at center. 3) Cut 14" of wire and wrap one end around the center of the tied yarn. 4) Cut the loops that were made when tying the yarn together to create the pom-pom. 5) Wrap chenille stems around the wire very tightly.

    Whether you’re moving across the city or across the country, make your dorm room glamorous with clean patterns, bright colors, and gold accents!