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    Store-bought socks are just too sweet when you turn them into a row of quirky sock monkeys! Use a standard sock monkey design and play with fashion-forward colors and patterns.

    Monkey see, monkey do, monkey accessorize! Now it’s time for the fun part! Go bananas by matching your monkey to the season, the occasion or the décor! It’s all about choosing the perfect accessories.

    This stylish little elephant is sweet as can be and pink and brown all over. Use our easy-to-read instructions, provided templates, and wide array of mix-and-match fabrics to create your own custom animal!

    This little guy might be up to monkey business in his cute disguise. He’s a basic design that’s been decked out in a top hat, a mustache and a teeny-tiny necktie. All accessories are made from stiffened felt, available in the Craft Department.

    We zigzag-stitched wide strips of felt to basic cotton fabric for this on-canvas design. Then we added a simple star appliqué and a two-toned felt flower!

    Perk up your porch for Halloween with these spunky DIY pillows!

    Let their imaginations soar by creating a city scene made out of fabric!

    Is sewing your super power? Then put your skills to the test and whip up a this wonder with warm and cozy flannel.

    Bam! Zap! Zoom! Pow! This oh-so-soft flannel cape is sure to make 'em say WOW.

    1) Cut 3 strips of fabric to desired size, making sure it’s long enough to wrap around pillow. 2) Sew the trim on either outside edge of the middle strip. Sew the two strips on either side of the trim, and finally sew trim on the outside edge of the two strips. 3) Cut one more strip the same slightly larger than the combined strips/trim in step 2. 4) Sew the two strips wrong sides together, making a tube. Turn the fabric right side out and use a hidden stitch to close the openings.

    How do you turn a stuffy space into a place you want to live in? You can start with accent pillows that say, “Sit down and hang out.” We went absolutely unfussy for our look—simple styles and durable (but chic) duck cloth in a variety of modern prints. And now, people, we’re living in vogue.

    Pair cheery red plaid with rustic jute trim—and you’ve got a look that’s toned down, kicked back and ready to relax in style.

    What’s the perfect soft spot for a stay-at-home play day? Fluffy flannel beanbag chairs. It’s a project that will cozy up your kiddos when they’re small and follow them to their dorm rooms when they're bigger.

    1) Cut 2, 30" x 44" pennants out of canvas fabric. 2) Use a printed template or stencil to mark where you’d like the words to be. 3) Cut the word "SEW" out of fabric and pin in place. 4) Place the ribbon, cording and measuring tape on the canvas following the design for each word. Pin in place. 6) Sew each word to the canvas except for the cording (which needs to be hot glued). 8) Hem the edges of the pennant and attach the pom-pom trim to each side. 9) Create a pocket and insert dowel rod.

    This adorable banner is “sew” simple to make. Get creative by choosing fonts, colors and embellishments that coordinate with your personal style.

    Love this look? We sewed them from Simplicity pattern #4108—and modified them with handmade tassels and a big covered button.

    Set your sights on a ho-hum hangout turned ultra hip—with a little help from our versatile duck cloth.

    These pre-made pillow covers will accentuate your shabby-chic style without breaking the bank. For larger pillows, create your own slipcover with linen fabric and jute trim.

    Here’s a rustic-chic idea for your bedroom: create a cushion to use as a headboard!

    Mix and match a delightful collection of feminine fabrics, and then stitch up a play tent that’ll send your little lady to girlie heaven!

    These pre-made pillow covers will accentuate your shabby-chic style without breaking the bank. For larger pillows, create your own slipcover with linen fabric and jute trim.

    DIY burlap curtains make a stylish addition to your home decor!

    Plaid is the perfect finishing touch to your fall wardrobe. Why not try making your own blanket scarf using your favorite colors and cozy flannel fabric?

    We’re bloomin’ crazy for this ready-made floral accent cover, and we’re seeing stars from the other knockout-pink designs. They’re stackable, they’re craftable, and with our colossal color selection, they’re swappable, too! Embellish them yourself or leave them plain.

    Don't let the crisp autumn air get you down... stay warm with this stylish, must-have fall accessory.