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Do you or your kids love slurpees from 7-11? This homemade version might get you to start making your own at home!

Kool Aid Slurpees- no way!! These are so easy to make and so good. Your kids will have fun making them with you!

MomAdvicefrom MomAdvice


♥Easy KOOL-AID Slushies! Ingredients 2 cups ice water 1 packet KOOL-AID drink mix (use your favorite flavor) ½ cup sugar 4 cups or 1 full tray of ice cubes Instructions 1. Put all of the ingredients into your blender. Blend and serve.

Just A Pinch Recipesfrom Just A Pinch Recipes

Kool Aid Ice Cream

KOOL-AID ICE CREAM ! 1 pack 0.14 oz unsweetened kool-aid 1 C granulated sugar 2 C milk 1 C half & half Mix Kool-Aid with sugar. Add the milk, half & half and mix until dissolved. Pour in shallow freezer container. Freeze for 1-2 hrs until slightly thickened. put mixture in bowl, beat smooth. Return to freezer container, cover and freeze 8 hrs or over night. Remove 20 minutes before serving. Recipe yields - 3 cups.

Brown sugar Cream cheese apple dip: Ingredients: 1 bar of cream cheese, slightly softened 1 packed cup of brown sugar A little bit of vanilla (I always eye ball it, but it’s probably around a teaspoon) Mix ingredients together using an electric mixer until smooth. Refrigerate for at least 15 minutes before serving. That’s it. Seriously. And it’s SO good!


Magic Potion

Kool Aid ice cubes, lemon lime soda. As they melt, the drink changes flavor! could I use this when discussing color mixing somehow?

Sprite and gummy bears... very cute and creative for the kids in the summer time.!!...

Love From The Ovenfrom Love From The Oven

Easy Homemade Blue Raspberry Slushee

4 cups of cold water 1 cup of sugar 1 1/2 tsp McCormick Raspberry Extract 4-6 drops of McCormick Neon Blue Food Coloring, or other color of your choice


Magic Potion

koolaid ice cubes in sprite

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Frozen Lemonade

Homemade Frozen Lemonade

Ice Cream in a Bag This is SOOO easy� and delicious! In a small Ziplock bag, put: 1/2 C. half and half (milk works too) 1 Tbps. sugar 1 tsp. vanilla Insert that bag into a larger, one gallon Ziplock filled with ice and salt. Shake the bag for five minutes. Kids love that part! Then, remove the smaller bag which should have turned into ice cream. I did this in elem school and have been looking every where for it!

i am bakerfrom i am baker

Sugar Cookie Decorating 101

This is the BEST icing for sugar cookies. It hardens nicely so you can stack cookies but doesn't get hard like a rock, so you won't hurt your teeth. It's very tasty too and you can add different extracts to change the flavors.Great icing/glaze for all sorts of things.

cookie craving?...Healthy Peanut Butter cookies! Only 36 calories per cookie! Ingredients: 1 Cup Peanut butter 1 Cup honey 1 TSP baking soda 1 egg Mix the peanut butter and honey first then add in the egg and baking soda. Bake for 10 minutes on 350 degrees. Theyre delicious! .... Excellent snack idea!