Cardboard box tutorials - hours of fun on rainy days

cardboard pirate ship

10 awesome cardboard projects your kids will never forget

cardboard airplanes <3

Cardboard Box Toys

Make Elephant Feet (and Have a Slow-Paced Race)

Giant Cardboard Maze. Oh man, this would last for hours and hours....

Diy Cardboard Slide

DIY Cardboard Kitty Puppets! Great Up-Cycled Crafts!

Great summer fun

DIY Cardboard Dome Playhouse .... I think this is a sign that after we move, I need to use the boxes to make Lola a play house! @keifu Long Smallwood

looks like fun

Another way to tell a story. #parenting #creativePlay

DIY cardboard box plane

Good use for cardboard boxes!

mommo design: RECYCLE AND PLAY - Cardboard boat

cardboard carpark item list: 1 sheet cardboard, 1 cardboard box, 4 toilet rolls, white paint, paint brush, black + red marker, 2 bottle tops, 2 lolly pop sticks, traffic signal stickers, misc card for boom gate/car spaces/traffic signals, newspaper, glue, tape, fastener for boom gate (split pin?)

Homemade Cardboard Box House.

Cardboard Robots